Projected Image competition Rules

Projected Image competition

There are four digital projected image (DPI) league competitions throughout the year

This is an open competition; any subject is acceptable.

Only paid up club members are eligible to enter this competition.

Images may only be entered into this competition once, and not previously used for the print league competition.

An entry will consist of up to two different digital images as detailed in the general rules below.

Double exposures and photographs that have been altered or manipulated digitally, are accepted into this competition.

The best seven results count.

1. Images may be colour or monochrome.

2. File settings to be as follows;-

a)  Colour Space: – Colour Settings  sRGB IEC6 1966-2 1

b)  Resolution: – 300 Pixels / inch.

c) Image Size: – Width 1600 maximum x Height 1200 maximum

(One dimension must agree).

d) File Size: – Not larger than 1.5mb.

e) File Format: – .jpg

f) File Name: – Image title must be followed by the charecter “@” in lower case and the name of the photographer, example below.

Example: A Dogs Dinner @ Malcolm Tinn

   ** No apostrophes i.e.:- A Dog’s Dinner

   ** No quotation marks i.e.:- “A Dogs Dinner”

   ** No symbols are to be used in the titling of the image.

3. Digital images not adhering to the criteria detailed above the photographer will be informed of the errors and if time allows given the opportunity to correct them and resubmit the image(s).

4. Presentation: – a) Images to be handed in using one of the following formats –

    USB flash pen (Preferred), Compact Disc or Memory Card.

b) Remember to write your name contact number, competition and date on the flash pen, disc or card

c) Make sure that there no other files on the disc than those required for the competition.