Print Competition Rules

Print competition

There are four print league competitions throughout the year

This is an open competition; any subject is acceptable.

Only paid up club members are eligible to enter this competition.

Prints may only be entered into this competition once, and not previously used for the DPI league competition.

An entry will consist of up to two prints per round as detailed in the general rules below.

Sandwich shots, double exposures and photographs that have been altered or manipulated digitally, or in the darkroom are accepted into this competition.

The best seven results count.

1. Prints may be colour or monochrome, from a negative or a digital file.

2. Minimum size of image area 452cm² (70 inch sq), and is deemed to be the last printed pixel, not including the key line.

3. Maximum size of image 50cm x 40cm (19¾” x 15¾”).

4. Prints must be mounted but not framed.

5. Size of mount to be 50cm x 40cm (19¾” x 15¾”).

6. Other sizes will not be accepted into competition.

7. Any print that is liable to cause damage to other prints will be disqualified (e.g. Velcro pads, poor mounting tape, etc)

8. To avoid damage prints should be securely mounted and adequately backed.

9. Prints must carry the photographers name and a title clearly displayed on the rear top left corner of the print mount.