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  • 2 Feb Update

    Posted on 2nd February 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    by Roger Hance FRPS,AFIAP,BPE5*

    • I think you will all agree that our judge on Thursday 31 January for our print competition was definitely one of the better judges. Good critic, interesting and entertaining. Well done to Heather, Gordon and Alan on getting top marks. Also congratulation to Martin Neal on his two prints both just missing top marks by one point.
    • Next week Thursday 7 February presentation by top photographer Roger Hance FRPS,AFIAP,BPE5* “Nature in Macro Photography.
    • Also Thursday 7 February is the Digital “Wild Life/Natural History competition Hand-In”. Images on a memory stick of email to me by midnight Sunday 10 February.
    • Important: Thursday 28 February How you processed your RAW images.
    • I need a jpeg finished image to put on to the clubs laptop for presentation. Normal digital rules 300dpi Res 1600 X 1200. Email to me please
    • Also if you can please, put you processed images including the layers on to a memory stick and bring it to the club on the evening. Our laptop has “Photoshop SS5” and “Affinity”. One of the members will bring their laptop with “Lightroom”. Or bring your own laptop for your demonstration, HDMI connection to projector only.
    • Also on the same evening we want to discuss the club’s future.
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  • 27 Jan Update

    Posted on 27th January 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    • What a brilliant evening on Thursday 24 January with Gary Nicholls’s Studio Presentation. He photographed two very professional looking models in the first half and then in the second half demonstrated his skills in transforming a simple image into a master piece. Well done Gary, we could all do with some inspiration.
    • Next Thursday 31 January is our third print league competition.
    • Reminder of change of programme:
    • Thursday 21 February will be a presentation by the Olympus Camera Company with some very good photography as well.
    • Thursday 28 February is a “Review of how you processed the set RAW images. Also we would like to discuss the future of our club on the same evening. Is it time for a new start?
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  • 22 Jan Update

    Posted on 22nd January 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Poker Face by Gary Nicholls

    • Thursday 17 January saw our third round of the Digital Competition. Thanks to the judge nine images received a top marks!
    • DPI Third round round results
    • This coming Thursday 24 January is one of the high-lights of the season with a Studio presentation by Gary Nicholls. As a professional Steam Punk photographer it will be interesting seeing what models he will be using. Visitors £2.50.
    • Also this Thursday 24 January is “Third League Print” Hand-In.
    • Important date Thursday 28 February for your diary as we will be discussing our club’s future and the direction you would like to see the club going.
    • Did you get up early yesterday morning to photograph the Full Blood Wolf Moon? I would love to see your images on our Facebook page.


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  • 21 November Update

    Posted on 21st November 2018 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Bulldog by Martin Neal

    • Thanks to Paul Radden for his excellent A4 print critic on Thursday 15 November. Congratulations to Tony Perryman for the best print in the competition.
    • Next Thursday 22 November is a presentation by Thomas Peck “Leica one of the world’s most influential cameras”.
    • Next week Thursday 22 November is hand in for your Camera-phone or Tablet images. On a memory stick or email to me by Sunday 25 November. Up to 3 images per member.
    • On 28 February the competition is “What you can make with any or all of the five RAW images”. You can down load them from the link sent by email. Or I can give you the 5 RAW images, if you give me have a memory stick. Don’t forget to name you files and memory stick. It’s not necessary but It would be interesting if you are able to leave the layers or process so you can show us how you made your final images.
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  • 11th November Update

    Posted on 11th November 2018 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Harvest Moon by Dianne Owen

    • I was pleased to see that we had a large number of visitors on Thursday 8 November for Dianne Owen’s print presentation.
    • Dianne came all the way from Southport to show us some of her artistically produced images. This did provoke an interesting discussion in the club bar after her presentation.
    • Congratulations to new member Dr David Lukey on passing his Licentiate with the Royal Photographic Society.
    • Great evening on Wednesday 7 November we took part in the Loughton Anniversary competition. First Upminster; Second Edmonton, Joint Third Harlow & Loughton followed by Walthamstow & Enfield. Harlow’s Mark Edwards print was selected as the best print of the competition, congratulations Mark.
    • Next Thursday 15 November is a print critic by Paul Radden. Please bring your prints on the night A4 unmounted.
    • Thanks to everyone for their positive feed-back of our Town Centre Library Exhibition.
    • I know we are only just into the third month of our new season but in trying to plan-a-head. We would like some feed-back of what future direction members would like us to be going. At the moment the rent for our club room is getting expensive and is likely to increase in the near future.
    • Thanks to everyone for your news and information on our Facebook page and in our new WhatsApp group.
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  • 2nd November Update

    Posted on 2nd November 2018 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    • Great day out on Sunday at our club’s autumn shoot in Epping Forest. You can see some of the results on our Facebook page
    • Our Annual Exhibition is now on in the Town Centre Library Harlow for the whole of November. Don’t forget to sign the comments book.
    • Thursday 1 November was a very enjoyable Digital Competition. Congratulation to the winners.
    • Next Thursday is a Main Event evening with a presentation by a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society Dianne Owen FRPS. You can see some of her photography at Entrance for non-members only £2.50. Everyone is welcome.
    • Thursday 15 November A4 unmounted print evening. Please bring your prints on the evening as many as you like.
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  • 27th October Update

    Posted on 28th October 2018 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Epping Forest

    • Monday 22 October we had an interesting club trip the Houses of Parliament for a guided tour and a meeting with our local MP Robert Halfon.
    • Thursday 25 October an excellent close run competition between Harlow and Chelmsford. In the end it was a draw but we did get to see some very good images.
    • This Sunday 28 October is our club’s autumn trip to Epping Forest, Hope to see you there to capture the autumn colours.
    • Closing date for the second digital competition by email to me midnight this Sunday.
    • HELP needed to put up our Annual Exhibition. Town Centre Library Thursday 1 November 10:30am. Exhibition runs from 1 to 29 November.
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  • 14th October Update

    Posted on 14th October 2018 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Save some for me!! by Alan Norris

    • What an inspirational presentation by Chris Shepherd on Thursday 11 October with his own personal creative approach to photography. Sorry if you were unable to get to the club last Thursday but you missed a real treat.
    • I need your prints for our Annual Exhibition by next Thursday 18 October please. Up to 4 prints per member.
    • Also next Thursday 18 October is our first print competition of the season.
    • For club members there is an autumn photographic trip to Epping Forest with Chris Shepherd on Sunday morning 28 October. Details will be given out at the club next week.
    • Monday 22 October is our club’s trip to the Houses of Parliament, where history is being made in these very interesting times.
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  • 9th October Update

    Posted on 9th October 2018 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.
      Air Heart by Chris Shepherd
    • Thursday 4 October we were treated to an evening of very personal photography with David Steel from Cambridge. After recovering from a short illness he decided to make a trip of a life time and ride by motor-bike over some of the highest mountains in the world. His trip took him over the Himalayas through India, Tibet and Mongolia and on to the highest point of 5,359 meters. All on a 500cc Royal Enfield motor-bike. A very interesting evening of personal photography.
    • Next Thursday is hand-in for the first league print competition of the season. I have just printed my two images, are yours ready yet?
    • I will need your prints by Thursday 18 October for our Annual Exhibition please.
    • Thursday 15 November is print critique by Paul Radden president of the EAF. “Unmounted A4 prints”.
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  • 3rd October Update

    Posted on 3rd October 2018 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Homage to Hopper by Alan Norris

    • Thursday 27 September, yes another month gone! A good start to the season with our first digital league competition. Congratulations to Jo, Mark & Alan on getting top marks.
    • Members need to be getting prints ready for our Annual Exhibition. 4 prints per member normal club mount size 50cm X 40cm. Closing date Thursday 18 October.
    • Next Thursday 4 October a presentation by one of our regular presenters David Steel CPAGB form Cambridge with “On Top of the World”. Should be a good evening as David has a unique sense of humour and has been known to come to the club dressed in his Steam Punk out-fit.
    • Thanks to Paul Major for writing last week’s blog while I was on the Isle of Harris with other club members. During the week we spent in Scotland the weather tried to get the better of us but we still came back with some good images. Thanks to Heather for organising the Scottish photographic trip and to our very good drivers.
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