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  • 14th April Update

    Posted on 14th April 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    By Paul Radden

    I don’t think anyone can complain about the judge last Thursday 11 April. Alison is still new to judging but her photographic knowledge and enthusiasm was outstanding.

    Result of the final and fourth round of the Print League:

    • First Paul Radden
    • Second Gordon Clarke
    • Third Chris Shepherd
    • Fourth Jo Cleall
    • Fifth Alan Norris.


    No meeting next Thursday 18 April Easter holidays.

    Digital assignment subject “Spring” entries to Malcolm by email by Sunday 21 April.

    Still Life Digital Hand-in Thursday 25 April.

    I am looking forward to your Panel entries; Hand-in on Thursday 2 May.

    Just a reminder this season’s Portrait competition is PRINTS only not DPI.

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  • April 6th Update

    Posted on 6th April 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.


    Spoon Silliness by Chris Shepherd

    • Last Thursday 4 April we had an interesting presentation by Fiona Fraser Thompson called the “Lost Civilisation”.
    • All about the Maya people of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. Something I have heard a lot about but never manager to visit.
    • The evening got off to a bad start with a major technical hitch but Jeff came to rescue and the presentation went off without any further problems.
    • This coming Thursday 11 April is our fourth league print competition which will be judged by Alison Jenkins.
    • Also on Thursday 11 April is Hand-In for the digital assignment competition subject “Spring”. On a memory stick or email to me by midnight on Easter Sunday 21 April.
    • Thursday 18 April closed for Easter no meeting.
    • Thursday 25 April Hand-In for the Digital “Still Life” competition.
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  • 30 March Update

    Posted on 30th March 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Foggy Evening Walk by Mark Edwards

    • Some wonderful monochrome prints in the Tony Perryman competition by members last Thursday 28 March.
    • Some of the members may have been disappointed by the judge’s comments but in the end he did make a good winning choice.
    • First & Third Paul Radden; Second Dave Hobbs; Two Highly commended for Martin Neal and a Highly commended for Shirley Radden congratulations.
    • Next Thursday 4 April a presentation by Fiona Fraser Thompson “Lost Civilisation”.
    • Also next Thursday is the Fourth Print League Hand in.
    • Thursday 11 April is the digital assignment Hand-in, this season’s subject Spring. You can email your files to me in the usual way.
    • Don’t forget clocks go forward an hour on Sunday although it won’t matter to all you landscape photographers that get up at 4:00 in the morning any way.
    • HPS Facebook page is open to all interested photographers you just need to ask to join. Our WhatsApp and Flicker groups are for regular members only.
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  • 25 March Update

    Posted on 25th March 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Who’s got my nuts by Martin Neal

    • Thanks to Mike Wilson, it was privilege on Thursday 21 March to see wildlife captured in camera, pre digital; pre auto-focus and limited film speed.
    • Mike shared with us his original slides that he had taken over a period of years showing us some of his beautiful wildlife images. A very enjoyable evening.
    • At times we forget how easy it is now with digital photography, with slide film there was no pre-view to check exposure only the rubbish bin if you got it wrong.
    • This coming Thursday 28 March, yes another month nearly gone, is the Tony Perryman Mono Print competition.
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  • 19 March Update

    Posted on 19th March 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    By Malcolm Tinn

    • Congratulation to Heather Clarke on winning the Digital League. Second was Mark Edwards, Third Alan Norris and Fourth Dave Hobbs.
    • Last Thursday 14 March was an interesting presentation by Andrea Hargreaves. Her work is very creative and her use of Photoshop is out-standing. Her presentation did provoke a lot of discussion among the members; she has made an international name for herself as an photographic artist. I personally loved her images and I am still striving to reach her level of Photoshop skills.
    • This Thursday 21 March we have a Wildlife presentation by Mike Wilson. Mike will be showing some of his pre-digital images from the days when everything had to be right in the camera.
    • Also this coming Thursday 21 March is Mono Print Hand-In time.
    • Good trip to this year’s Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Pleased to see so many of our members there some even parting with their money. Enjoyable show but car parking a bit pricey at £16.
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  • 14th March Update

    Posted on 13th March 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Valkyrie by Andrea Hargreaves EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3*, PSA4*

    • Congratulations to the top scorers Heather Clarke, Dave Hobbs and John Thompson in Thursday’s final round of the Digital League. Great judge lasts week as even I (Malcolm) was up there with the top scorers.
    • This coming Thursday 14 March a not to be missed presentation by Andrea Hargreaves EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3*, PSA4* “The Art of Metamorphosis”. Intrigued well don’t miss it.
    • Thursday 21 March is Mono Print Competition Hand-In. I am looking forward to seeing all those beautiful Monochrome prints.
    • Thanks to all the members and friends for your feed-back on how the club should move forward for the future. Some have even suggested that we look for somewhere else more cost effective to meet. The committee are still working on a solution to how we move forward.
    • May be I will see you on one of the days at the Photography Show in Birmingham this coming weekend 16 – 19 March at the NEC.
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  • 1 March Update

    Posted on 1st March 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    I feel like I’m being watched by Chris Shepherd

    • Thursday 28 Feb thanks to Chris Shepherd’s for his presentation on HPS future. Members feed-back was pleasing to find that there was a majority in favour of the club continuing but with less competitions and more hands on learning.
    • Thanks to Chris & Paul for working on the new programme for September 2019 to the end of June 2020.
    • This season will continue as normal with our current programme until the end of June 2019.
    • Next week is our fourth round of the “Digital League competition”. Two images to me by email before midnight Sunday 3 March any later will be too late.
    • Committee meeting Monday 4 March to discuss members feed-back from last Thursday.
    • Fourth coming events:
    • Sunday 10 March East Anglian Federation Print Championships. Hopefully you will be going to cheer on HPS.
    • 14 March Presentation by Andrea Hargreaves (MPAGB, EFIAP/b, BPE3*, PSA4*) The Art of Metamorphosis.
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  • 22 Feb Update

    Posted on 22nd February 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    Olympus EM1x – Image by The Phoblographer

    • I was pleased to see such a good turn-out for David Smith’s very impressive Olympus presentation yesterday on Thursday 21 Feb. It did give the members a lot to think about.
    • Don’t forget to get your tickets for the EAF Print Championships on Sunday 10 March. See Paul Radden or the EAF web-site for tickets.
    • Send Malcolm before midnight Sunday 24 Feb. copies of your jpeg images using the club’s 5 RAW images.
    • This Thursday 28 Feb. will be a review of the finished images.
    • Also this Thursday 28 Feb. is Fourth Digital League Hand-In.
    • I look forward to seeing you on Thursday because we need to know your thoughts on the clubs future.
    • Photo tip, this Sunday snowdrops at the Gibberd Garden should be good.


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  • 17 Feb Update

    Posted on 17th February 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    • Congratulations to Paul Major on winning the Wildlife/Natural History competition on Thursday 14 February with his very atmospheric image of elephant seals. Second was Shirley Radden and third Gordon Clarke. Thanks to the judge Mike Fuller with his excellent judging and understanding of Wildlife.
    • Next Thursday 21 February is a presentation by Olympus Camera makers plus a chance to see some excellent images.
    • Go to and see what Digital images that did well in the February’s EAF Digital Championships.
    • Dates for you diaries:
    • Sunday 10 March EAF Print Championships, Fulbourn, Cambs. Tickets from Paul Radden or from A chance to see some of the best photography in the country.
    • Photography Show 16 to 19 March Birmingham NEC centre, order your tickets on line.
    • Don’t forget Malcolm will need a jpg copies of your processed Raw images.
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  • 2 Feb Update

    Posted on 2nd February 2019 by wpadmin in Uncategorised.

    by Roger Hance FRPS,AFIAP,BPE5*

    • I think you will all agree that our judge on Thursday 31 January for our print competition was definitely one of the better judges. Good critic, interesting and entertaining. Well done to Heather, Gordon and Alan on getting top marks. Also congratulation to Martin Neal on his two prints both just missing top marks by one point.
    • Next week Thursday 7 February presentation by top photographer Roger Hance FRPS,AFIAP,BPE5* “Nature in Macro Photography.
    • Also Thursday 7 February is the Digital “Wild Life/Natural History competition Hand-In”. Images on a memory stick of email to me by midnight Sunday 10 February.
    • Important: Thursday 28 February How you processed your RAW images.
    • I need a jpeg finished image to put on to the clubs laptop for presentation. Normal digital rules 300dpi Res 1600 X 1200. Email to me please
    • Also if you can please, put you processed images including the layers on to a memory stick and bring it to the club on the evening. Our laptop has “Photoshop SS5” and “Affinity”. One of the members will bring their laptop with “Lightroom”. Or bring your own laptop for your demonstration, HDMI connection to projector only.
    • Also on the same evening we want to discuss the club’s future.
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